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DIY Beaded Diffuser Bracelets


diffuser bracelet lava beads
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We love our essential oils diffusers and use them every day!  These cute beaded diffuser bracelets are perfect for active children who are in and out of the house, busy parents who are constantly moving from room to room and running errands, people who need something customized just for them without diffusing it for everyone, using one oil or blend while diffusing another, etc.  They are the perfect way to take an oil or blend with you wherever you go!

One of my favorite diffuser bracelets with 10 mm lava beads. I love this versatile combination of beads because it goes with everything and seems to change color based on what I'm wearing! This assortment came all on one string from Michaels.

How can a bracelet diffuse?  The key is to incorporate a few real lava beads in the design.  The lava beads are highly porous and will hold onto about a drop of oil per bead.  If you turn the bracelet so that the beads are against your inner wrist, the oils will be applied to your pulse points AND you will smell the oils as you move your hands.

Mary Faith's beloved peacock diffuser bracelet made with 8 mm lava beads. 
I found the round beads and the center peacock bead at Michaels.

I am not a jeweler and these directions are for a very simple, elastic corded bracelet.  If you have more jewelry making experience, you could certainly adapt these directions for different cord, a clasp, etc.  The key is simply to use lava beads in your design!

You will need:

~ Essential Oils (I use and LOVE Young Living essential oils - find out why here!)

~Beads of your choosing. I use primarily round beads because I think they look best and are the most comfortable to wear. The exception is that I've used single accent beads on some bracelets like Mary Faith's peacock bracelet in the image above.

~Black Lava beads. We found them at Michaels and they are also available on Amazon here (8 mm) and here (10 mm). I have 8 mm and 10 mm lava beads.  When I’m making a bracelet, I choose the size that corresponds best with the size of the other beads I’m using.

~Stretchy beading cord. We use Stretch Magic which can be found at Hobby Lobby or on Amazon here.

~Super Glue (We use the cheap kind from Dollar Tree.)

1. Plan out your design, keeping in mind that you want at least 3 lava beads.  I prefer to keep all of the beads in a row and against my inner wrist, but you could space them throughout the design if you prefer. Make a rough estimate of how many beads you need by wrapping a piece of string, ribbon, etc. around your wrist and lining it up next to your row of beads. When you knot the cord, the knot may not show at all but it may show a very little bit, so arrange your beads accordingly.  Since I like to put the lava beads in a row, I make my knot in the middle of the section of lava beads.

2. String the beads onto a piece of elastic cord that you’ve cut a couple of inches larger than needed (so you have extra for tying off).  Wrap the strung beads around your wrist to check for size and adjust as needed by adding or removing a bead or two.

This shows the knot and how to stretch out the bracelet before gluing. Notice that the knot is between two of the lava beads so that it will be on the underside of the wrist.

3. Tie the cord securely in a regular knot (like if you were tying shoelaces).  Pull the knot snuggly enough that the beads have no room to slide around.  Tie one or two more times, then stretch the bracelet so there is a bit of room on either side of the knot.  Get a trusted friend or family member to dab just a teeny bit of Super Glue on the knot.  Hold the bracelet this way for a couple of minutes until the glue dries, then trim the cord right up against the knot.  (My 13 year old actually manages to do this all herself, but I start sticking to things if I even LOOK at Super Glue, so for me this step is a two man job!  Be sure that no glue gets on any of the beads or they won’t be able to slide freely.

4.  When you are ready to use your bracelet, put it on and drip about one drop of essential oil on each bead.  If a little runs off the bead, just rub it into your wrist.  You can use all the same oil or a combination.  Mary Faith has been using Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint because she’s been plagued by our heavy spring pollen.  Thieves on its own or combined with Lemon and Frankincense would be a great choice if you are trying to support your immune system (for small children, just the Frankincense and Lemon would be a better choice).  Lavender is always a soothing choice and Frankincense is amazing when I am spending time praying or worshiping.   Really, the sky's the limit as to what you might choose!  I have a roller bottle blend that I’m loving right now am wearing all of the time.

5. The scent from the oil will last a couple of days, at which point you can use a different oil. No special washing is needed.


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