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Here are some of the tools and accessories that I use to help me make the most of my oils.  These are the things that have really helped me incorporate the oils into our family's life and use them to best advantage.  I suggest ordering at least roller bottles and a carrier oil while you are waiting for your kit to come so you are ready to roll (pun intended) as soon as that awesome kit arrives!  (Disclosure:  I took the time to post links to each product to make this as user-friendly as possible.  The Amazon links are affiliate links, which means that I get a small percentage of each sale from these links.  This does not change your buying experience or your price, but it helps me afford to keep this blog going.  I only post links to products I truly believe in and recommend!!)

1.  The most important thing to get is a carrier oil.  Carrier oils are used to dilute oils for a couple of reasons - because the oil is too strong to apply neat (undiluted), because you want to spread a single drop of oil over a larger area than the drop would cover, to use in roller bottles, and to make DIY personal care products.  There are lots of types of oils that are useful in specific personal care applications, but for all around general use, you can't beat fractionated coconut oil.  Fractionated coconut oil (also known as FCO) stays in a liquid form unlike the coconut oil you use for cooking,  It is light, absorbs well, and is odorless.

In addition to the uses I listed above, it's great as a massage oil with a drop or two of essential oil added in and works well for, ummmm, "personal" applications.   The prices on different brands seem to fluctuate a couple of dollars pretty regularly, so I'm linking to two kinds I've used - just go for the one that is the least expensive!  You definitely want one with a pump - it makes it sooo much easier to add the oil to rollers, capsules, etc.

2.  The second most important thing is roller bottles.  I would actually consider these to be as important as a carrier oil but since you can't use them without a carrier, they had to come in second place.  If you can only afford one thing, get the FCO - if you can afford two things, add roller bottles!!

We use roller bottles every single day.   Sometimes we buy one bottle of oil but I want some at home and Hannah wants some in her purse and Jeff wants some at work . . . roller bottles are the perfect solution.  I just put several drops of oil into a roller bottle and top off with FCO and now everyone has their own easy to use bottle!

We also make tons of roller bottle blends for all kinds of uses.  Put the desired blend of essential oils in the roller bottle, top with FCO, label, and go!  Check out my ever-growing list of roller bottle recipes here!

Roller bottles are excellent for children.  Mary Faith loves Peace and Calming but if I let her use the bottle, she'd be likely to use a zillion drops.   She loves having her own P & C roller that she can apply whenever she feels the need.  I'm not dealing with wasted oil and she is empowered to help herself.  Roller bottles also make great gifts and/or samples either with single oils or blends.

It's important to use glass bottles and I prefer ones with metal rollers.  The purple ones shown below are my absolute favorite.  They are nice and heavy with metal rollers and are very attractive.   If you click the link for the purple roller bottles you'll see that they are available in a variety of colors.  One of these days I'm going to get super organized and color code my family with these things!  The blue rollers are of acceptable quality.  I use them for make and takes, samples, etc.


3.  Spritzer bottles are right up there on my list of most used accessories.  I use them to make ouchie sprays and other spritzer recipes, linen sprays, and air freshener sprays.   To make any kind of spritzer bottle, you'll need to put in a couple of teaspoons of witch hazel, several drops of essential oil, and then top with water.  The witch hazel helps the EO disperse better in the water.  I couldn't find organic witch hazel locally so I got mine from Amazon.


4.  Epsom Salt.  I get an 8 lb bag for about $5 or so at Walmart which is the best price I've seen.  It's available in lots of sizes on Amazon if that works better for you - just be sure to get plain, unscented Epsom Salt.   I use this just about every single day for a bath soak.  This stuff is amazing all on its own and it's the key to using essential oils in your bath.  I keep a small bowl under my bathroom sink, pour in about a cup of epsom salt and several drops of whatever oil I want to use.  Mix well, then pour into your bathtub.  The salt helps the oil disperse in the water instead of floating in drops on the top of the water.  Depending on how I feel, I enjoy Peace and Calming, Lavender, Release, Bergamot, Thieves, R.C. and others.  This is a GREAT way to get both topical and aromatic use of the oils while unwinding and relaxing before bed.

5.  Some good reference books.  I use the Pocket Reference all of the time - lots of interesting information!  (The word pocket is a bit misleading - this is a pretty big book!)  Our family has also really enjoyed Healing Oils of the Bible.   Both books (and lots of of other good resources) are available from the publisher at but the price is frequently as good or better on Amazon with Prime shipping.


6.  You need a way to label all of those rollers and spritzers.  I thought I'd remember what I put in them but I was wrong!  I now label everything with the name of the recipe.  I keep a file in Google Drive with my recipes, but I still often put the recipe on the bottle too.   I use this labeler for my bottles and for tons of other things too.  Amazon has it for a fraction of office supply stores and the refills are also much cheaper on Amazon.


7.  A place to store all your oil stash!   I've used bamboo silverware trays - the shelves are just the right size and you can stand them on your counter leaned against the backsplash or mount them on the wall.  The one I found locally had a different arrangement of shelves than this one and there was a lot of wasted space, but I'd like to get this one sometime.  While I haven't used this one, I do know people who have.  You'd turn it sideways so the oils would sit on shelves. We found that having the oils in the kitchen in a unit like this was nice, except my oils kept walking all over the house - in different rooms for diffusers, in my bathroom, in my bedroom, etc. and I wasted time looking for them.

A friend showed me this carrying case and I got one for my birthday.  I LOVE IT.  Instead of individual oils moving all over, I just grab the case and take it from room to room.  We even take it in the car if we are going out for the day.  There are larger areas in it that will hold several oils each or roller bottles, spritzers, etc. which is really nice - these were things that didn't fit in my silverware tray.  I even tuck a few capsules in there in a snack size ziplock bag.  My dream set up would involve a couple of bags like this and maybe a couple of shelves in a central location.

I also have two small makeup bags like the kind you get free with makeup promotions in department stores.  One holds my extra oils (I keep a back up stash of the ones we use the most - it keeps me from running out and it's a great way to add some points to your ER order if you are trying to hit a promo!) and the other holds the ones I use most for my nightly baths.  We also have several that seem to live on our bedroom dresser because we diffuse them so much.  Jeff's planning to make me a tray to hold my diffuser and some of those favorite oils.


8.  Some other odds and ends that are very useful are the capsules and the labels from Young Living, dropper bottles, and small jars.  I use the capsules very regularly and I trust the quality from Young Living so I haven't even tried any other brand. I could make a case for these being one of the first things you should get!!!

 It took me forever to get realize how great the labels would be - they are round and fit on top of the bottles.  This is key if you are keeping them in a bag like I use where you won't see the labels.  It helps a lot even if they are just sitting on a counter or whatever . . . and to be honest, it's super fun to organize oils with cute little labels!

When I placed my first order of roller bottles and spritzer bottles, I also ordered some dropper bottles.  I do love them for facial serums and one order has lasted me a year.  I just don't go through them like I do the other bottles because I don't give them away and I have a limited number of recipes that require them.  (I don't know why the link says no image available - you can see them if you click the link.)

I often use small glass jars from the canning section of Walmart.  They are promoted as being good for baby food and have plastic lids, not canning lids.  We use these for ointments, sugar scubs, etc. Sugar scrubs are fun for a make and take with friends and I go through a LOT of these these little jars!

You get several little sample bottles with your Premium Starter Kit.  When I ran out, I ordered the ones shown below.  They are great for sharing your oils with other people!  Jeff has a little case like this that he keeps in his office with oils that he wants to have on hand but doesn't use enough to justify keeping a full size bottle just for the office.


As you do more DIY's, you may find yourself looking for other ingredients including shea butter, beeswax, almond oil, etc.  I've been happy with these:


I have NOT been happy with beeswax ordered from Amazon.  We get ours from  We did business with them for years for our homeschool supply business and have always been very happy with them!  The beeswax on Amazon all has mixed reviews - I decided to risk it and received some that was just vile smelling.

I am planning to order some Aloe Vera Gel soon.  I have not done so yet, but I really liked the reviews for this one and plan to order this brand:

There are also lots of great accessories at AbundantHealth4U, but my personal preference is to shop from Amazon because of the prices and the Prime shipping unless I'm shopping for things that only AbundantHealth4U carries.

If any of you have any other accessories and tools that you love, please share them in the comments!!


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