Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards - the key to saving money on your essential oils!
What IS the Essential Rewards program?

ER is Young Living's autoship program.  You set up an order each month. Young Living ships it to you then rewards you with free stuff.  Easy peasy!

Autoship?!  EEEK!  That must mean I'll be committed to doing this for the rest of my life, right?

Nope, not at all.  You can choose which products you want and you can change them every single month.  You choose what ship date you want and you can change that date every single month.  You can stop whenever you want with no penalty.  In fact, if you want to stay in ER but need to take a month off, you can ask for one "grace month" each year without losing any of the great rewards you've accrued!

Can I order oils without Essential Rewards?

Absolutely.  You can always do what is called a Quick Order, which is just a plain old regular order.  Of course, just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should do something.  It's kind of like the difference between renting a house or owning one.  As you see these oils changing your life, you are going to use them up and need more.  You're also going to want to try out new oils.  Now, you could just pay your awesome discounted price and leave it at that (like renting a house) OR you can have Young Living pay YOU in free products each time you order (like accruing equity when you own a home).

Free products?  I like the sound of that . . . tell me more!

Free oils, how do I obtain thee?  Let me count the ways:

1.  Every time you place an ER order, you get back a percent of your PV (for oils, 1 PV = $1)  These are called ER points and they work like a store credit.  Every ER point equals a dollar of free products.  The points accumulate each month until you use them (up to 12 months) and you earn a higher percentage as time goes by.

For the first 6 months, you get 10% on your ER order.

For the second 6 months, you get 15% back.

Starting in month 13, you get 20% back!  

That adds up fast and it's so fun to order stuff for free.

2.  As an ER customer you get a reduced rate on shipping for your ER order.  Less money spent on shipping= more money to spend on building up your oil stash, right?

3.  As an ER customer you get access to bundles of products ("ER kits") at a reduced rate - reduced even beyond your regular 24% discount.  You never need to order these bundles but they are there if you want them.

4.  As an ER customer you get access to even more free stuff based on the size of your order.  Every month Young Living has a new promotion offering free products if you order 190, 250, or 300 PV.  They often offer extra ER points in the promotion in addition to the free products.

    A great way to boost the PV of your order is to see if you have a few friends who might like to try an oil or two before jumping in and getting a Premium Starter kit.  Just let them know that you order each month and that they can let you know if they want you to add something to your order. 

5.  Young Living sometimes offers other promotions on top of all of this so you can earn even more ER points.  I'll be sure to post about them when they are offered because they sure do help those points add up even faster.

Wow! That sound like a LOT of free stuff . . . but it also sounds like a lot for me to wrap my mind around.  What if this is just too confusing for me?

Don't worry - there's an oil for that!  :-)

Seriously though, I totally understand!  You've gotten a kit, you're learning about all of these oils as fast as you can, and now I expect you to keep all of this stuff straight?  It's all going to make sense faster than you think, and I'm always here to help.  The only thing you really have to remember is the very first thing I said - place an autoship order each month and you'll get ER points for free stuff.  All of the other benefits will just kind of fall into place.

Getting free oils sounds right up my alley - how do I start?
Piece of cake.  If you are already a customer, go to the Young Living site and log in.  Click the Essential Rewards link on the left and it will walk you through the process.  Of course, you can always contact me or call Young Living customer support if you need any help!

If you are reading this because you are ordering a Premium Starter Kit and want to start ER at the same time, you'll have a chance to do so during your order process.  You'll reach a screen that asks you if you'd like to enroll in ER.  You'll be offered a choice of "ER kits" to choose from to get started, and you can always add more oils when you get to the screen that shows your cart.  The GREAT thing about starting ER when you order your kit is that the 100 PV of your kit counts as part of your ER order.  You'll get 10% back on your entire order including the the PV from your kit!  That 100 kit PV will also count toward any of the free promotions being offered that month.  It's a really sweet deal!


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